Traneberg is a residential district in west Stockholm and part of the Bromma borough, an area dotted with tiny forests, parks and lakes. Notable locations include the Judarn forest surrounding its namesake lake, and the parks around Åkeshov Castle and Ulvsunda Castle.

A visit to the restaurant Sjöpaviljongen is a must in spring and summer, with their seasonal Swedish cuisine served in a relaxed, classical environment. Don’t miss the amazing waterside veranda!

Welcome to Alvik!

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High quality accommodation

If you are searching for high quality accommodation for just a short-term stay or even several years long-term occupancy, you have come to the right place! We offer business apartments working with B2B companies and direct corporate clients. With the clients’ vision and requests as our main priority, we gladly tailor our apartments to best suit the clients’ needs, which means the apartment can even be semi-furnished upon a long term request. To receive complete offers with property specifications and photos, simply drop us an email with your preferred area, requested period and type of apartment to one of the email addresses below:

Short Stay (1 month-under 1 year) reservations@beaps.se
Long Stay (over 1 year) longstay@beaps.se

Below, you will find all the areas in Sweden that we cover, our supplementary services on offer and our individual team members who collectively make up our wonderful company.

Our Areas