Covid-19 Info

Swedish public health work is based on a strong tradition of voluntary measures with an emphasis on individual responsibility. Therefore, in the management of the pandemic, a combination of legally binding rules and recommendations by authorities is applied. Some of the most important recommendations are to stay at home with the slightest symptom of an infection, to keep distance from others both outdoors and indoors and to wash your hands often with soap and water for at least 20 seconds.
Examples of legally binding rules include a ban on public gatherings with more than 50 participants, visits to nursing homes and crowding in restaurants, cafés and bars. The legally binding rules are supplemented with guidelines that makes it easier for the population to follow rules and recommendations, such as calls to avoid public transport congestion and to work from home for those who have the opportunity. Operations and employers are responsible for adapting the activities to prevent the spread of infection.”

Swedens strategy – Social distancing and individual responsibility.
Sweden has not yet been on lock down and the country has stayed open during this pandemic. The public health authorities along with the government demands its people to use common sense and practice social distancing as much as everyone may. This isn’t a model that can be easily reproduced elsewhere. Swedes are young, our country is sparsely populated, and a high proportion already live relatively isolated lives by working from home in single-occupancy households. The secret to Sweden’s positive outcome might be the consistency on social distancing and Sweden’s strategy is a reminder that this is a marathon more than a sprint.

Beautiful Apartments provide contactless self-check-ins. The guest may check in at any time after 3 PM on arrival day with the entrance code given on the booking confirmation. Regarding the check- outs, the guest may leave at any time prior 10 AM on departure date returning the keys in the designated location given on the information sheet.

Our cleaning teams wear Personal Protection Equipment (PPE), including masks, gloves and disposable shoe covers. They practice frequent handwashing and physical distancing. Beautiful Apartments provide cleaning cloths/supplies at arrival. The apartments are supplied with the possibility for the guests to conduct their cleaning privately. We inform all guests with housekeeping services included which day the cleaning crew will be at their apartment and we may provide extra bed linen and towel exchange should guest opt out of housekeeping.

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