Relocating to Sweden

If you are moving to Sweden there are some practical things to arrange. For example, you need to check the regulations regarding tax, civil registration, unemployment insurance, social and home insurance, schools and accommodation. In addition, it can be good to learn to understand a little about the Swedish culture and what characterizes the people here.

Being punctual is important to Swedes

Arriving just prior to an appointment, but not too early! Forming an orderly queue is expected of everyone when waiting to be served in a shop or bank, for example. Almost no excuse is good enough to get in front of the people who arrived before you. Many places use a system of “queuing tickets”, whereby you take a number from a ticket machine when you first enter the store. When your number shows on the screen, or the shop assistant calls your number, it is your turn.

Swedes don’t protest, they comply

As a rule, no strikes, no demonstrations… Swedes don’t protest. Swedes have a history of negotiating and compromising. That’s how they went from an absolute monarchy to a democracy, and how they implemented universal suffrage. No revolution, no bloodbath. Swedes don’t try to challenge the rules for the sake of it. They comply.

Equality and respect are important

Mandatory paternity leave, taxes based on each individual in a couple rather than the couple as a whole. Sweden is at the front of the pack when it comes to gender equality. But the most striking thing is how that equality plays out in everyday life. Sweden is also known for its exceptional work- life balance, not just when it comes to parental leave and childcare, but in general.

Employees get a minimum of five weeks paid vacation per year. Add affordable healthcare for all and it becomes clear why Stockholm is often a top choice for professionals from all across the globe. Whether it’s free Swedish lessons, healthcare or pensions, the Swedish state has got you covered. Taxes are high here but it all goes back into the country, so services have a high standard and even as an immigrant, the Swedish state will look after you from cradle to grave.

English is everywhere

It’s no secret Swedes are very good at speaking English. Why? Mainly because they don’t dub English-language movies or TV programs into Swedish, adding subtitles instead.

Your Long Stay Accommodation

If you are looking for an apartment for a longer period of minimum 1 year, please feel free to contact our Longstay team at longstay@beaps.se.

When emailing us with your request details, kindly include your preferred location, number of persons, budget and period of stay. You may also inform us of your office address as this will help us to provide options within the shortest commute possible.
We will then get back to you with our complete offers along with the apartment photos and description in the area you wish to stay.

You may of course book in a viewing with us and our team representative will meet you there. Look forward to hearing from you!

Longstay Team

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