Terms & Conditions

Beautiful Apartments, Terms and Conditions

Beautiful Apartments is pleased to welcome your Resident to one of BA’s apartments and we wish that the guest will have a pleasant and comfortable stay.

The Customer and when applicable, the Resident, is kindly asked to read our Terms & Conditions and when renting an apartment the Resident and Customer hereby agree on the below stated Terms & Conditions applied by Beautiful Apartments.


BA, AB Beautiful Apartments i Nacka (our formal registered company name, Org.Number 556857-3314) hereinafter abbreviated BA, is the landlord.

Customer, the company or organisation entering into a lease contract agreement with BA.

Resident, the person residing in the leased apartment, with or without his/her family.

Prices, in SEK, are quoted excluding Swedish 12% VAT. The price includes heating, electricity, water, cable-TV, Wi-Fi and departure cleaning.

Bookings can be made either via e-mail or telephone. A reservation is not binding until a written confirmation has been sent by BA to the Customer and/or to the Resident.

Beautiful Apartments can preliminary book an apartment of your choice and hold it for a maximum of 48 hours for a single booking and 7 days if the request is for a group booking awaiting for the confirmation/signed agreement from the clients. This is subject to availability and will only be applied if specifically requested from the booker

Change Prior To Arrival
Any booking cancellation, change to a confirmed booking or request to extend current booking, must be notified to BA in writing or by e-mail. Cancellations, changes or extensions made over the telephone will not be accepted.
Prior to arrival: For reservations longer than a 4 month period, any cancellation or change to confirmed bookings can be done free of charge if made in at least 1 month prior to arrival. For reservations less than a 4 month period, any cancellation or change to confirmed bookings can be done free of charge if made at least 2 weeks prior to arrival.
Any cancellation or change is made later than 2 weeks prior to arrival, rent will be charged for 2 weeks.

Payment shall be done prior to arrival for the first month and then monthly in advance. The payment procedure is intercompany invoicing.
Kindly Note; Payments with American Express & Diners will have an additional charge of 4 % from the total invoice amount. Payments using any other credit/debit card will not have any additional charge. A payment can also be made via a bank transfer. Note, however that this procedure requires a seven-day allowance in order for the bank transfer to go through.Kindly note that Customer’s failure to meet mentioned requirements regarding payments, may result in the cancellation of a booking without notification.

Penalty Interest 
If any rental payment, other charge, or expense payable is not received by Beautiful Apartments within agreed payment terms after its due date, the client shall be subject to a payment penalty on the outstanding balance until paid in full in accordance to the Swedish Interest Act
(6 § in Räntelagen). 

Group bookings
For group bookings up to eight booked apartments: A cancellation made more than 1 month prior to a booked arrival date, no cancellation fee will be charged. For a cancellation made 29-1 days prior to the arrival date, full rent will be charged or a maximum of 30 nights. No refund of the rent will be made for any unused portion of a booked stay or for a no-show without previous cancellation. If the resident does not arrive within 48 hours of the booked date, the reservation and booking will be automatically cancelled without any right to a refund of prepaid rent. For group bookings over eight apartments terms may vary, please contact Beautiful Apartments for details.

Cancellations during the stay:
For reservations between 1-4 months, two weeks’ written notice of termination will apply. For reservations between 4-11 months, one month’s written notice of termination will apply. For longstay contracts longer than 12 months, three calendar months’ written notice of termination will apply. Please also note that any cancellation will result in a cancellation fee and additionally the rate may change dependent on eventual length of time stayed e.g. a reduced stay may result in an increased rate.
For reservations with tenancy agreement signed by both parties, 3 calendar months’ written notice of termination will apply.

Extensions during the stay:

Extensions are subject to availability at the time of request. Extensions or options for extensions of a previously agreed rental period must be requested in writing or by email. Extensions or options for extensions of a previously agreed rental period must be requested in writing or by email. Extensions will take place on the basis of availability. In some cases, differing agreements may apply and similar apartments in the same area may will then be offered as an option. The client is aware of this, and agrees that no right whatsoever can be derived from a requested extension.

Arrival and Departure Times
Exact arrival and departure times will be agreed upon in the booking process. The earliest check-in time is 3.00 PM on the day of arrival. Earlier check-in as well as expected late arrival, must be requested well in advance and BA must approve in writing. Latest check-out time is 10 AM on the day of departure but can be extended until 12.00 PM upon request and availability. If the guest has not checked out by 10 AM (or otherwise agreed check-out time) the guest will be charged for one additional night.

Departure Cleaning
The departure cleaning is included up to a specific amount of hours required to clean, depending on the apartment type. Should the departure cleaning exceed the hours specified below, extra charges may apply. In the event additional cleaning is required after the Resident´s departure, BA will notify both the Resident as well as the Customer, in writing, providing details of the incidents and will invoice the Customer for the cost of rectifying them. Please note, Beautiful Apartments will not under any circumstance, charge without obtaining prior consent from the client.
We will always provide substantial documentation to show the condition of the apartment upon departure.

The maximum hours included are as follows:

Studio Apartment: 5 Hours
1 Bedroom Apartment: 6 Hours
2 Bedroom Apartment: 7 Hours
3 Bedroom Apartment: 8 Hours

Bed Linen and Towels
Bed linen and towels are provided in all our apartments. If additional bed linen and towels are required these can be provided for an additional fee.

Extra beds and cots
Cots and camp beds are not included as standard inventory and must be requested at the time of reservation; these items are subject to availability and may incur an additional fee.

Apartments provided by BA are for residential purposes only and must not be used for any illegal or immoral purposes. Residents are required to behave in a responsible manner, make good and careful use of the apartment and respect other residents in the BA building. Please note that loud music, parties or disturbance are strictly forbidden between 10 PM and 9 AM. BA reserves the right to immediately terminate the booking if the behaviour of the Resident, according to the sole discretion of BA, is likely to endanger safety or well-being of other residents.

Accommodation and Insurance
For insurance reasons, the total number of Residents staying in each apartment, must not exceed the maximum occupancy capacity as specified in the confirmation of the booking. The Resident, is responsible for maintaining both a valid Third Party Liability Insurance as well as a valid insurance covering the whole rental period for all private belongings. BA does not assume any responsibility for any personal belongings left behind in the apartment upon departure. Any costs related to damages on the apartment caused by the Resident, will be borne by the costumer. BA reserves the right to refuse or cancel a booking, even after the receipt of final payment. In addition, should booked accommodation not be available due to circumstances beyond the control of BA, alternative arrangements will be made by BA to provide equivalent accommodation or a full refund will be offered. However, no refund or liability will apply to a situation where a Resident is requested to vacate the apartment, or leaves on his/her own accord, prior to the expiration of the booking.

Once in-house: Kindly remember to report any damages within the first 3 days of your arrival in order to avoid any extra costs upon your departure. Contact guestservice@beaps.se for any issues. On the inside of your entrance door, you will find an information sheet containing tips and instructions for your use regarding the apartment.
If Wifi access is stated as available for your selected accommodation type, please note that the stability and speed of the connection is beyond our control and is the responsibility of the internet provider.

Loss or damage
The Resident is responsible for taking all reasonable care of the rented apartment and its contents. The apartment and all equipment, utensils, furniture etc. must be left clean and tidy at the end of the rental period. No items provided by Beautiful Apartments may be removed from the apartment provided. Except for normal wear and tear, Resident will be held responsible for any damage caused to the apartment or its contents which has occurred due to negligence, wilful damage, irresponsible or accidental behaviour on the part of Resident or visitors. Such damage must be reported to BA without delay. In the event that breakages, missing items, or damage are discovered, or that additional cleaning is required after the Resident´s departure, BA will notify both the Resident as well as the Customer, in writing, providing details of the incidents and will invoice the Customer for the cost of rectifying them. Keys to the apartment as well as door codes to the building are provided on arrival. It is the Residents responsibility to ensure that they are in possession of these at all times and that they are returned safely on the day of departure. Loss of keys must be reported to BA without delay. Beautiful Apartment will not take responsibility for any items left behind in the apartment after departure.

Electricity is included up to the cost of 500 SEK/month. If the bill exceeds this sum, the client will be notified and charged for the additional cost.

Pets of any kind are not allowed in the apartments at any time. Should the non-pets policy not be respected, BA reserves the right to impose a charge starting from SEK 4000, excluding VAT 25 %, to cover the cost for deep cleaning.

Pet-Friendly Apartments
We do have a limited selection of ‘pet-friendly’ apartments available. If a client plans to reside in our apartment with a pet, this information must be communicated to our team prior to booking.
Please note, the pet sanitization fee to cover the costs of a deep cleaning starts from 4000 SEK excluding VAT 25% and should be paid prior to arrival.

No Smoking
BA maintains a strict non-smoking policy. Smoking is strictly forbidden in the apartments and in the whole building, including entrances and stairwells. Should the non-smoking policy not be respected, BA reserves the right to impose a charge starting from SEK 3000, excluding VAT 25 %, to cover the cost for deep cleaning.

While BA endeavours to provide all services, including those provided by external providers such as, but not limited to, ComHem, Telia, Fortum and Stockholm Vatten etc. BA cannot be held responsible for any loss or service failure as external service providers are outside of BA’s control.

Default by Customer/Resident
With the aim of avoiding misunderstandings, BA urges the Customer/Resident to carefully read through the contents and assess the correctness in these Terms & Conditions as well as any other documentation related to the lease provided by BA. If in doubt, the Customer/Resident will bring this fact to the attention of BA in a timely manner.

Force Majeure
BA will not accept liability or pay compensation for any loss, damage or expense suffered as a result of BA suppliers’ inability to provide services due to war, threat of war, riots, civil disobedience or strike, industrial dispute, terrorist activity, natural or industrial disaster, fire, adverse weather conditions, closure of airports or harbours, lack of public transport or any unforeseeable or unavoidable event beyond BA’s control.

If an agreement concerning the interpretation or application of these Terms & Conditions cannot be reached by negotiation between BA and the Customer, then recourse is to be made to competent Swedish authorities in accordance with Swedish rules, regulations and law.

Privacy Statement
BA fully respects the Resident´s right to privacy. Personal information will not be registered without the Resident’s prior permission. Any personal information provided will be treated as confidential and used only for the process of making requested bookings, follow up e-mails including feed-back requests. No confidential information will be made available or distributed to any third party.Staff members from BA may enter the dwelling unit only in the following cases:In case of emergency or to make necessary and/or agreed maintenance. BA reserves the right to make use of the master key to enter the apartment and performing these cases even if the Resident will not be present.